Books and articles by Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik

Here is some of our writing to date. We have much more up our sleeves, so keep checking back for anything new! And you can check the Skyart store if you are interested in purchasing any of our books.


  • Under the Whirlwind: everything you need to know about tornadoes but didn’t know who to ask, Whirlwind Books, 1997, 2000
  • Spacious Skies, Verkaik&Scorer, 1989
  • Severe Weather Watcher Handbook, produced for AES, 1991, 2000
  • Great Lakes Marine Weather Guide, produced for AES/Canadian Coast Guard, 1992
  • Wind, Weather and Waves, Environment Canada, 1998
  • AWARE aviation instruction kit, produced for Transport Canada, 1991
  • Cloud Identification Manual, produced for Alberta Research Council, 1981
  • Watching the Stormy Sky, educational wall chart


  • “Rocky Mountain House Tornado, June 30, 1982 – A Case Study”, Verkaik/Neault
  • “Photographic Documentation of Weather...”, Oxford U.K., 1985
  • “Bridging the Gap Between Meteorological Education and Popular Conceptions of Weather: An Innovative Approach”, Oxford U.K., 1985
  • “Weather Awareness and Emergency Response”, Atmosphere-Ocean, 1988
  • “Skychasing”, commissioned for New Scientist, 1988
  • “Reclaiming our Heritage”, StormTrack magazine, 1989
  • “Drawing on the Sky – Our Greatest Resource for Teaching About Weather...”, AMS conference proceedings, 1989
  • “Weather Education – Knowledge for What?”, AMS conference proceedings, 1989
  • “Science and Global Responsibility”, STAO90 Conference
  • “Skywatching”, Canadian Geographic Magazine, 1993
  • “The open-ended interview in tornado research: treasure chest or Pandoras box?”, Saskatoon, Sask., 1997