Professional Meteorological and Editorial Consulting

We have pooled our skills and many years of experience to offer you professional meteorological consulting services, editorial and design support and project management.

As experts in observational meteorology, weather photography and science writing we offer a rare (possibly unique) level of skill in conveying the complexities of weather to the layperson.

If you are looking for someone who can make weather come alive in an accurate and entertaining manner, you need look no further.

We can provide:

  • editorial support and trouble-shooting
  • research on meteorological subjects
  • project development, design and implementation
  • skilled written and oral communication to targets at all levels
  • illustration (photos and schematic diagrams)

We have managed projects big and small: from supporting research and captioning for images for all kinds of audiences to designing and producing entire books and multi-media projects. Don’t leave the quality of your project to chance. Call in the experts – Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik of Skyart.