Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik: our life in sky

Arjen Verkaik met Jerrine Verkaik in 1983, and together we have become a husband and wife weather photography and chase team (A&J Verkaik) who are passionate about the sky. We revel in all its wonders: lightning, storms, tornadoes, rainbows, optical effects, northern lights and all kinds of clouds (chasing 90 to 100,000 kms a year to make sure we are there for the best photos). We have amassed well over 100,000 images in our ever-growing Skyart Collection.

We launched Skyart® Inc. in 1979 and are internationally recognized as expert sky photographers and weather observers. Not only is the Skyart Collection of weather images unmatched anywhere, we complement it with a keen ability to communicate the science of meteorology in words and pictures.

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